About Me

This is the part where I talk about me, no? This is hard, not only because I have to talk about me, but also because I am still learning about me.

I lost my dad earlier this year after a very brief battle with cancer. It was my first acquaintance with grief, and I learned just how hard grief really is.  I was always afraid of losing someone close to me, and now that I have, the fear is even stronger, sometimes all that I think about. But I find that when I seek Jesus, He gives me peace.

This experience has taken me on a journey to learn more about myself and put into words my own qualities.

I am an INFP. I think if you look up those qualities, you’d pretty much know who I am. I am introverted, sensitive, empathetic, and a dreamer. I do not like confrontation, and I like to keep the peace. I wish everything was just peachy and sometimes get discouraged in times that it is not.

I love to help people. I don’t love to ask for help, even when I really need it.

I love to be alone to hear myself think. Mindless conversation wears me out, but I’d love to sit with you and discuss things that matter for hours.

I love to think logically and mathematically. I am constantly imagining causes and effects of different scenarios.

I also love to write because I feel I can communicate better this way.

I am the wife to a dream of a man. I am admittedly not the best wife, but I love him and he loves me, and together, we work in building our family and our home.

I am the mother to two amazing boys. Joshua is the sweetest boy I know and is extremely intelligent. Like me, he is also very sensitive, but I think it makes him an amazing older brother. Ethan is true to his name – Ethan means strong, and Connor (middle name) means strong-willed and dog-lover. What his name does not mention is that he is the most cuddly toddler I know and can be the kindest soul. As amazing as the boys are, though, I realize every day just how hard motherhood it is. And then at night, I see how wonderful motherhood is.

Finally, I am a daughter of God and believer in Jesus Christ. I believe the Word of God is infallible. I believe He loves me, not because I am worthy to be loved, but because the definition of Him is love. I believe that He came into this world as a helpless baby, born in the lowliest of places, all for the purpose of dying for me, only to be risen again on the third day. He loves you, too. And I hope everything I say on this blog points back to that.