Chart – Conception to Birth Transformation

I saw this amazing chart of the transformation of a single cell to a baby, from conception to birth. But I took a closer look and realized how deceptive a chart like this was. 

From the looks of it, the baby only begins to look human about 2/3 of the way in. But, actually, nearly half the chart is taken up by the first six weeks (red arrow). For those who do not know, a woman is actually two weeks pregnant when she conceives. It may not make sense at first, but it’s a universal system that’s in place, so that’s what we count on. A woman usually finds out she is pregnant at around 4 weeks. If you get a fancy home pregnancy test, you may be able to find out a few days before. If it was an unexpected pregnancy, you’d probably find out a bit later. Regardless, by 6 weeks, just two weeks after finding out about a pregnancy, look at how much developing that “clump of cells” has done! It even has a heartbeat!! I remember seeing my first son in his ultrasound at 9 weeks. He looked like a gummy bear, jumping around everywhere! I was amazed. 

Back to the chart, it shows the weekly development until week 11 (blue arrow) and for the next two trimesters (29 weeks) it shows 13 pictures, less than one for every two weeks.

Would you have noticed that by simply taking a look at the graph? Would you have thought to check out the different stages? 

At which point does this “clump of cells” start looking less like just that and more human? 

ETA: This chart has to do with the stages of development. A – that’s pretty amazing, because 60% of these things happen by 6 weeks. B – I wrote all of this to show that transformation from conception to birth isn’t a linear process — each of these stages does not correspond to a set amount of time in the pregnancy. I’m not criticizing the chart. I think it is very well made. I’m just clarifying the different stages of pregnancy on the timeline and using it to make my point.

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