Birthday Party Fun

On Sunday, we celebrated Joshua’s third birthday. It was a lovely time with friends and family, and I’d like to think everything turned out as perfectly as it could, thanks to God (he controls the weather and it was gorgeous!) and loved ones (who helped with food and the set up).

excuse his face – he was tired of saying “cheese”

Joshua loves trains. I cannot describe to you his excitement when he sees a train or hears its whistle. He loves to play with them, watch them, draw (or ask someone to draw) them. Trains, trains, trains. So what better theme was there?

Here’s a little bit of what I did:

Theme: Trains

Colors: Red, Blue (various shades)

Fun/Entertainment: Lots of lawn games

Food: Small appetizers on tables, BBQ and salads, dessert table and candy bar 

a view from the rooftop of half of the party area
we knew that many of the guests would not be sitting the whole time, so we had a handful of small tables which had some appetizers
we added some picnic blankets (the red one is actually a shower curtain) for more casual seating. not pictured is the baby toys that we had on them for little ones
Joshua got tons of gifts! we decided to put them on a blanket instead of a table

appetizers consisted of chips/dip and cut up vegetables. I got simple white cardboard boxes from IKEA and decorated with ribbon/tape/paper to make them look like train carts. I was also able to use Joshua’s toys in the centerpieces.
I saw the “chew chew” and “chugga chugga” online somewhere and knew I had to use it! I put napkins and utensils in paper bags that I got from the dollar section at Target and made a refreshing drink from water, cucumbers, and oranges.
the food was a huge hit. there were many healthy twists on BBQ classics
I made some brownies and cupcakes (recipe coming soon!) and decided a berry fruit salad with a side of homemade whipped cream would be perfect for blending with the color scheme and providing a fresh dessert option.
Joshua’s homemade birthday cake! he wanted cupcakes but I decided a 6 inch cake would be perfect for his candles.
our lawn games! (not pictured are the cornhole boards). fun fact: the rings for the ring toss were homemade with rope and duct tape!

We had a fabulous time and were so excited to celebrate 3 years with many of our loved ones. Thank you once again to those who helped!

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