You Know It’s a Good Day When…

(Because we can all use some positivity in our lives…)

Good days have a lot to do with our mindset, which often stem from our choices about how to view things. While any day, no matter the circumstances, has the possibility (though sometimes very small) to end up a good day, here are some things that, as a SAHM, make for an especially good day:

  • You wake up and have time to get dressed before the baby wakes up.
  • Everyone has clean clothes to wear, regardless of whether they’re all put away or not.
  • Your home all day, but your toddler is content playing with his toys, with or without you.
  • You can manage to get out of the house with no major meltdowns or tantrums (even if you’re ten minutes late).
  • You somehow manage to avert all potential meltdowns while out of the house.
  • All the kids take a nap – bonus if it’s simultaneously.
  • You have time to do something you love without someone crying for you or tugging on one of your limbs, even if it’s just twenty minutes.
  • Dishes are washed before the dinner shift.
  • You remembered to defrost the chicken the night before.
  • Dinner’s ready by the time your husband gets home from work, and there’s at least one vegetable and one source of protein (sometimes, French fries count as vegetables).
  • You get to spend some quality time with each child.
  • The kids go to bed early, and you have enough energy for conversation and Tazo Refresh tea with your husband.

On days like today, I don’t seem to mind the mess of crayons on the dining room table or that my toddler left out his trains all over the living room. He is happy and healthy and, hallelujah, the baby took a 2 hour nap, so I’m going to call it a good day (even if I do have spit up all over me).

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